Essential accessories for HP Stream 7


I’ve been using my HP Stream 7 for a little over a week, and I wanted to share a short list of accessories that will help you get the most out of your Stream 7.

Keyboard Case

It’s important to protect your Stream 7 from minor bumps and drops. And to do that effectively, you need a case. I opted to go with this Fintie Keyboard Case, as not only does it fit the Stream 7 very snugly, it also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Extra SD card

You’ll want to make use of the expandable storage on the Stream 7. I opted to go with a trusted name in SD card manufacturers, SanDisk. The 32GB card is a great value and gives you more storage than you will likely need. You can fit some Steam games on there along with some extra music and files if you like.

Bluetooth Mouse

I own a Surface Pro 2, and wouldn’t be caught without my Microsoft Arc Touch Surface Edition Mouse. It works with the HP Stream 7’s built-in Bluetooth, and there is no need for a USB dongle. It’s a great mouse and has even dropped in price since I picked mine up. A no-brainer if you need to use a mouse with your HP Stream 7.

USB Y Cable

This StarTech Y Cable is necessary if you want to connect your HP Stream 7 to an external Hard Drive, or if you plan on doing the OTG USB and Charge trick simultaneously.

Extra USB Micro Cables

Maybe you’ve already got enough of these lying around, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra or two just in case. These Amazon Basics USB A Male to Micro B Male cables do the trick nicely.

USB 3.0 Coupler

Also called a gender changer, this is another required tool to do the OTG USB and Charge simultaneously trick. Cable Matters consistently delivers quality, so they are what I recommend.

What HP Stream 7 accessories do you have in your go bag?