Using the HP Stream 7 with Guitar Rig

HP Stream 7+guitar rig logo

A subject near and dear to my heart. Running a super portable PC like the HP Stream 7 with a powerful software driven guitar effects processor like Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig. Now we are cooking.

One of the first things I set out to do after unboxing my new Stream 7, was fire up NI Guitar Rig and see how this little Intel Atom performed. My setup:

HP Stream 7

USB Y cable/Charger/Coupler

Rig Kontrol pedal/audio interface

Guitar Rig Player (free download)

Instrument cable

Headphones with 1/4″ plug

Cheap raffle-won Squire Stratocaster beater guitar

Sweet! To get the Stream 7 to communicate with the Rig Kontrol, and to run the Stream 7 off of wall power and not deplete my battery, I needed to do the USB and Charge trick using a USB Y cable and USB Coupler.

After hooking up the Rig Kontrol (whatever USB audio interface you have should work the same) to the Stream 7 using the Y cable, it’s probably best to go into the sound settings in Windows and set Rig Kontrol as the default audio.

Next, open Guitar Rig like usual and make sure to change the audio interface in the Audio and Midi Settings to ASIO and your driver. Plug in the headphones and your axe and start shredding. What do you notice? Very little delay, that’s what! That is what stunned me. The Stream 7’s CPU wasn’t even tapped either, which means that it may be possible to process more samples per second, or even do some multichannel recording with the Stream 7 as the heart of your mobile studio.

I was stoked to find that the Stream 7 performed so well my Guitar Rig test. I plan on incorporating the Stream 7 at church and as a low cost effects processor.

Update: I ran the Stream 7 and Guitar Rig today at church for our practice and then later for the worship set. I used the Y cable to power the Stream 7, and the whole setup performed like a champ.

What sounds will you make with the Stream 7.