Why am I doing this?

I have several websites that I own and administer. None of them make me any money. Why start another one about the Stream 7? To try to make money!

So many failed experiments, so much time. But none of my websites have been about the HP Stream 7 yet. So, we will conduct another experiment, focusing on the Stream 7 and trying to get some clicks from Google and maybe Bing, even though they hate blogs.

One of my experiments is where I wrote a blog that just throws the word SEO around along with poop.

The other reason I started a website about the HP Stream 7 is that I haven’t been doing much writing lately, and I wanted to write even if no one reads my words. There is something therapeutic about the subtle clicking of the keyboard under my fingers as the words appear on the screen.

Here is to hoping that the HP Stream 7 can make me a little bit of money. Thanks for reading or not reading.