Games for HP Stream 7

There are some great games in the Windows Store that you can play on your Stream 7. Some are free and some cost money, and because the Stream 7 runs Windows 8.1 and up, you can install PC games through your Steam client or from other Digital Distributors.

Here are the games I’ve tried and how they perform:

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Gameloft


Asphalt 8 runs pretty smooth on the Stream 7. It’s plenty responsive using the Stream 7’s touch screen and the graphics aren’t stellar, but they look good. Overall, Asphalt 8 on the Stream 7 is an excellent racing game to have loaded for on-the-go need for speed. The game has crashed on me a number of times, but it loads back in pretty fast.

Shark Dash – Gameloft


I picked up Shark Dash for my Stream 7 on a deal of the week sale on the Windows Store. It is a very fun Angry Birds-esque puzzle game. Control on the Stream 7 feels smooth and though the animations and motion don’t play out perfectly smooth, they don’t affect gameplay at all. This one gets a lot of play time with my and my kids. And it’s a nice addition to your Stream 7 game library.

Taptiles – Microsoft Studios

tap tiles logo

Oh man, talk about addictive! Taptiles wore my finger out on my Surface Pro 2, so I had to try it out on the Stream 7. The screen is a little small for precise pointing, but Taptiles is generous and lenient in this matter. Visual effects are minimal but still look pretty on the Stream 7. Overall, it plays and looks just about the same as it does on the Surface, but with a smaller screen.

Halo: Spartan Strike


I enjoyed the first game in this Halo spinoff series, Halo: Spartan Assault. Strike seems to have improved on the first offering in a number of ways. In a brief test of Spartan Strike, our Stream 7 did not perform admirably. While it passed the tutorial stage and first have of level one with ease, something went awry as more enemies started populating the screen.

I am not sure if this was because of a RAM issue or something else running on my Stream 7, but more testing is in order before we give Halo: Spartan Strike the green light on the Stream 7.

Last night I got to test Spartan Strike on my Stream 7 again. This time I made sure that my RAM usage was ok and that I didn’t have anything running to slow me down.

Spartan Strike played great on my Stream 7. I used touch controls, which are a little spotty on the Stream 7, but there was never a hint of slow-down. I now recommend this purchase for you Stream 7 gamers.