HP Stream 7 Stuck in Safe Mode

This was a problem that I came across earlier today. I wanted to test something in Safe Mode on my Stream 7, but once the tablet rebooted, I had no touch screen to enter my password.

Safe Mode loads with basic drivers, which meant that didn’t have touch screen or Bluetooth drivers loaded. This also meant that I was stuck in safe mode with no way to load into the OS to change back to normal mode.

My Solution:

Unfortunately, Windows 8 offers no readily available solution for this problem and the solution I used requires an OTG cable and a USB keyboard.

Fortunately, I had an OTG cable in my car, and a USB keyboard at the office.

After plugging in the keyboard through the OTG cable, I could put in my password and log into windows.

From there, it’s Windows key + R to bring up MSCONFIG, and then on the Boot tab, deselecting Safe Mode and clicking OK.

Sorry there isn’t an easier solution for Stream 7 owners stuck in Safe Mode.