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Dolphin Emulator on HP Stream 7? Don’t bother.


The Dolphin Emulator project is brilliant effort by a team of programmers who have taken the Nintendo Wii and ported it to the PC, Linux, and Mac via emulation.

As someone who is interested in Stream 7 gaming, you might be tempted to download the Dolphin Emulator to your Stream 7 to try some Gamecube or Wii emulation. Well, if you did this, not only would you likely be violating some copyright laws, you would also be wasting your time.

The Stream 7 does not run games in the Dolphin Emulator at a frame rate remotely considered to be good or smooth. In fact, the whole emulation slows to a crawl and the games are not just chunky, but slow. The whole game slows down to try to allow the meager specs of the Stream 7 to process the game engine and emulator.

It may be possible to run some very light Gamecube games on the Stream 7, but a test with Luigi’s Mansion and F-Zero GX proved that the Stream 7 is not cut out for mid-grade console emulation. Should you insist on using your Stream 7 for emulating consoles, you’ll want to stick to earlier generations.

Games for HP Stream 7

There are some great games in the Windows Store that you can play on your Stream 7. Some are free and some cost money, and because the Stream 7 runs Windows 8.1 and up, you can install PC games through your Steam client or from other Digital Distributors.

Here are the games I’ve tried and how they perform:

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Gameloft


Asphalt 8 runs pretty smooth on the Stream 7. It’s plenty responsive using the Stream 7’s touch screen and the graphics aren’t stellar, but they look good. Overall, Asphalt 8 on the Stream 7 is an excellent racing game to have loaded for on-the-go need for speed. The game has crashed on me a number of times, but it loads back in pretty fast. Continue reading Games for HP Stream 7

Stream 7 runs Skyrim…barely

For a sub hundred dollar PC, we don’t expect it to perform like a gaming desktop. Rather, we are surprised that it runs a game like Skyrim at all.

Game Stuffs has a video showing Skyrim running on the Stream 7. It averages 20-25 frames per second at a very low resolution, but this is still remarkable considering hundred-dollar hardware.

In the comments, Game Stuffs tells us that the Stream 7 will not run GTA4. The Stream 7 will run GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas though.