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HP Stream7 Not Charging

Last night, I went to charge my HP Stream 7 before bed. I plugged into the official HP charger using the official HP USB cable that came with my Stream 7. The power icon didn’t change to charging. It stayed at battery, and I didn’t have much left.

Concerned, I rebooted, but that didn’t solve the issue. What did though was a hard reset. I held down the power button for 10 seconds or so. This completely shuts down the Stream 7. After fully shutting down, I saw the large charging icon on the tablet, but couldn’t boot it up. This is normal when the battery is very low and it is charging while off. After 15 minutes of charging or so, the Stream 7 booted up and showed that it was plugged in and charging. Success!

HP Stream 7 Stuck in Safe Mode

This was a problem that I came across earlier today. I wanted to test something in Safe Mode on my Stream 7, but once the tablet rebooted, I had no touch screen to enter my password.

Safe Mode loads with basic drivers, which meant that didn’t have touch screen or Bluetooth drivers loaded. This also meant that I was stuck in safe mode with no way to load into the OS to change back to normal mode.

My Solution:

Unfortunately, Windows 8 offers no readily available solution for this problem and the solution I used requires an OTG cable and a USB keyboard.

Fortunately, I had an OTG cable in my car, and a USB keyboard at the office.

After plugging in the keyboard through the OTG cable, I could put in my password and log into windows.

From there, it’s Windows key + R to bring up MSCONFIG, and then on the Boot tab, deselecting Safe Mode and clicking OK.

Sorry there isn’t an easier solution for Stream 7 owners stuck in Safe Mode.

Using the HP Stream 7 with Guitar Rig

HP Stream 7+guitar rig logo

A subject near and dear to my heart. Running a super portable PC like the HP Stream 7 with a powerful software driven guitar effects processor like Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig. Now we are cooking.

One of the first things I set out to do after unboxing my new Stream 7, was fire up NI Guitar Rig and see how this little Intel Atom performed. My setup: Continue reading Using the HP Stream 7 with Guitar Rig

HP Stream 7 Known Issues

HP Stream 7

The HP Stream 7 is a great value. It’s modest tech specs coupled with it’s very low price, make it a great value for anyone looking to have an extremely portable PC at their disposal, throw in some accessories and you have a potent little rig at your disposal for under $150.

However, the Stream 7 is not without its faults. Let’s look at some of them here. Continue reading HP Stream 7 Known Issues

Enabling OTG USB and Power Simultaneously on HP Stream 7

USB Y cable

The HP Stream 7 is a great little tablet PC for the money. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. One such restriction is the lack of a full sized USB port. This means that if you want to connect any “real” usb devices, you’ll need to use an USB OTG cable.

But what if you want to power a USB device, like an external hard drive, or an audio interface? Well, you’ll need to do this little trick to power your HP Stream 7 and enable the USB communication between the Stream 7 and the USB device.

Note: It seems worth mentioning that the Stream 7 won’t actually charge in this configuration, but it will power it. Whether there is very little drain to battery or no drain at all, remains to be seen. But at the very least, you will get many hours out of your Stream 7 with minimal to no drop in battery. Continue reading Enabling OTG USB and Power Simultaneously on HP Stream 7