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Enabling OTG USB and Power Simultaneously on HP Stream 7

USB Y cable

The HP Stream 7 is a great little tablet PC for the money. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. One such restriction is the lack of a full sized USB port. This means that if you want to connect any “real” usb devices, you’ll need to use an USB OTG cable.

But what if you want to power a USB device, like an external hard drive, or an audio interface? Well, you’ll need to do this little trick to power your HP Stream 7 and enable the USB communication between the Stream 7 and the USB device.

Note: It seems worth mentioning that the Stream 7 won’t actually charge in this configuration, but it will power it. Whether there is very little drain to battery or no drain at all, remains to be seen. But at the very least, you will get many hours out of your Stream 7 with minimal to no drop in battery. Continue reading Enabling OTG USB and Power Simultaneously on HP Stream 7

Essential accessories for HP Stream 7


I’ve been using my HP Stream 7 for a little over a week, and I wanted to share a short list of accessories that will help you get the most out of your Stream 7.

Keyboard Case

It’s important to protect your Stream 7 from minor bumps and drops. And to do that effectively, you need a case. I opted to go with this Fintie Keyboard Case, as not only does it fit the Stream 7 very snugly, it also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard.
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